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(1653 - 1706)
The Complete Organ Works: Volume 9

Antoine Bouchard, Organ

DOR-93206 Cover Through his music Pachelbel appears not as an eloquent orator but as a specialist in intimate confidences.   Often drawn towards a soft and meditative style, Pachelbel was apparently satisfied with the limited resources provided by his small instruments and sought to cultivate neither the dramatic contrasts of the stylus phantasticus, the enticements of chromaticism nor excessive ornamentation.   A born melodist, he directed his skills to the elaboration of subtle webs of counterpoint based on pure, almost stark lines, although his ingenuity is masked by the perfection of the writing that seems to flow unimpeded.   Clearly, Pachelbel inherited the great southern tradition initiated by Frescobaldi and passed on by Kerll, Poglietti and Froberger.
    [To be continued]
- Gilles Cantagrel

[1.]   Aria in A Major (POP 9)
[2.]   Prelude in a Minor (255)
[3.]   Fugue in a Minor (POP 139)
[4.]   Toccata in g Minor (POP 277)
[5.]   Fugue in C Major (POP 129)
[6.]   Choral Prelude "Auf meinen lieben Gott" (POP 31)
[7.]   Choral Prelude "Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz" (POP 81)
[8.]   Choral Prelude "Warum betrübst du dich, mein Herz" (POP 82)
[9.]   Choral Prelude "Was mein gott will, das gescheh' allzeit" (POP 83)
[10.] Choral Prelude "Was mein Gott will, das gescheh' allzeit" (POP 84)
[11.] Choral Prelude "Wenn wir in höchsten Nöthen sein" (POP 86)
[12.] Choral Prelude "Wenn wir in höchsten Nöthen sein" (POP 87)
[13.] Choral Prelude "Ach wie elend ist unsre Zeit" (POP 24)
[14.] Choral Prelude "Gott Vater, der du deine Sonn" (POP 53)

        Magnificat primi toni (Fugues 13-23)
[15.] Fugue 13 (POP 163)
[16.] Fugue 14 (POP 164)
[17.] Fugue 15 (POP 165)
[18.] Fugue 16 (POP 166)
[19.] Fugue 17 (POP 167)
[20.] Fugue 18 (POP 168)
[21.] Fugue 19 (POP 169)
[22.] Fugue 20 (POP 170)
[23.] Fugue 21 (POP 171)
[24.] Fugue 22 (POP 172)
[25.] Fugue 23 (POP 173)

Total Program Length   64:42

Liturgical convenience for Cross and Consolation: Tracks 6-14.

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